Dance Bug

 (this has been languishing in my drafts for a while)

The band is loud, no question, and Bayboh isn’t sure about it.  The one thing he is sure of is that I shouldn’t leave his sight.  Well, and that lemon bars are not worth eating (“you finish it!”) and that a cupcake is only valuable as a handle for efficiently consuming frosting.

The band starts a cover of something classic I know I recognize but can’t quite place and I pick him up to bounce side to side with the music.  He’s got a look on his face that kind of says “What is happening? Do I like this?”  But he hangs on for the ride as I start to shuffle.  He tenses up and grabs my shirt when I bounce spin to the right, then left, but by the time we’re spinning right again, he is grinning like a fiend.  And when I stop to catch my breath, he starts bouncing and wriggling like a gigantic landed fish.

I put him down and he wriggles some more, pumps his arms back and forth very much in time with the music, shakes his head in total bliss.  He won’t let me pick him up again the whole evening and when it’s time to leave he sobs, “but I not ready to go yet!”