You could be really good!

A good Lego build is a beautiful thing.  The cleverness and care of the design, the perfect clarity of the instructions, the satisfying smooth-but-secure connections...  Mr. P was very generous and let me "help" on a few parts of his Christmas present.

The Airjitsu Temple

The Airjitsu Temple

That night he told me, "It was really fun watching you do Lego for the first time ever, Mom. With practice, you could be really good!"


This thing is amazing.  It even has a shadow puppet theater built into the basement that lights up and moves when you turn the crank!   I believe that's what Mr. P refers to as a "play feature".  (Thanks, YouTube.)

 I'm really curious to see how long this one stays in essentially its current condition.  It will be very tempting to cannibalize for parts!