It was the best of vacations, it was the worst of vacations.

The best because we saw almost everyone we most wanted to, despite snow and illness and bothersome things like jobs.  The best because the snow was beautiful and the kids gleefully threw handfuls of it at anyone and no one, had shovelfuls of it mischievously thrown at them by their DiDi, and enjoyed wild sled runs steered expertly by their cousins (Shmoogie hesitated, but got on board in the end; Bayboh would gladly have gone, but we restricted him to butt-sliding, which he got pretty good at, considering his restrictively small snow suit).  The best because we were there.

The worst because eight days isn't long enough to see everyone.  The worst because two hours in a restaurant (children or no) isn't long enough to make up for years of not seeing your best friends.  The worst because we thought we'd left a mild stomach bug at home but actually brought a vicious one with us (so very sorry if we gave it to you!)  The worst because we had to leave again.