Mother's Day

The kitchen door is shut and there's an index card taped to it, hinged-like on one side, that says "KiDs not waiting yet GO Back to Bed Mom love you".  Signed by Mr. P, who demonstrated it for me last night when he had to go retrieve the grocery list since I wasn't allowed in the kitchen. 

The other side says, "Come in mom Happy mothers Day," also signed by Mr. P, although I know Shmoogie is in on whatever this scheme is, too, since they both wanted their alarms set for early "before you wake up".  (I talked them out of that and promised to call them when I woke up, except that I'm going to wait a little and enjoy the quiet.)

I was given a heart, cut out of the middle of the index card on the kitchen door, which I'm to think of as a key that only works when the card is flipped to the "Come in" side.  This is all pretty cool.  :)