Day 1

My phone ate my day 1 post.  Waaaah!!!!

Here's what I remember...

Mr. P asked 3 blocks in, "How long is this going to take?" Turns out he meant "until we get to breakfast," but still funny.

Bayboh learned to say "Watch!" to ask for a video.

Preparing the kids to break out of the electronic daze in a few minutes, I cheerfully chirped, "We're about to stop at Cape Disappointment!  We'll learn about Louis and Clark and find the snacks, ok?"  Silence from the kids.  We pass a field and I shout, "Look cows!" hoping to garner some interest.  Still silence.  Daddy says, "What did Mommy just say, guys?"  Shmoogie knows, "Cows."  Mr. P heard, "We're going to learn about Louis and Clark and find the Oreos."

Cape Disappointment is pretty cool.  The only disappointment is our failure to fund parks.  This place, the place from which Louis and Clark's expedition first sighted the Pacific Ocean, is a state park inside of a national park.  Meaning that we had to pay a $10 entrance fee to even get there, despite already having bought an annual National Parks pass.  And if we'd wanted to go in the little museum, which we rather did but didn't have much time to spend, it would have cost our family another $17.50.  When you consider the expense of even getting to one of these places, which are rarely public-transit accessible...  I want our parks to be easier for anyone to enjoy.


Ten miles from the hotel, Shmoogie announced, "One day successful!"

The Fates heard that, because we then spent an hour waiting for food at a restaurant that lost our order, so we missed the sunset over the Pacific wrangling tired hungry kids up way past their bedtime.

I took a walk with Bayboh, though, and he was asleep in moments.  Day 1!  Done!