Day 8

Mile 3103.  The time change is working against us this morning.  Also, Shmoogie has been feeling sick and seems to have a slight fever.

Mile 3107.  Billboard "Oklahoma schools:  Funded by wind energy."

Mile 3169.8.  Changed the dashboard clock by two hours to get on local time.

Mile 3170.  Mr. P pipes up from the back seat: "Hey!  It's 10:55!"  (We've been enforcing a no screens until 10:30 rule.)

Mile 3194.  We realize we will run out of gas in 8 miles.

Mile 3195.  It's lucky we're on a reasonably populated stretch of highway.  Tank is full again.

Mile 3230.  Realize that the package I ordered yesterday has the wrong address on it, flipped two numbers.  Call customer service.  They're amazing.  Might be ok afterall.  Or not.  We'll see. 

Mile 3306.  Children peaceful.  Grown ups cranky.  Shmoogie seems to be feeling fine.

Mile 3317.  Pit stop in the hope Bayboh will soon nap.  It's only 90 degrees but feels more oppressively hot than the desert did a few days ago.  We must be in the humid parts of the country.

Mile 3330.  Billboard for "Precious Moments Chapel".  How interesting

Mile 3386.  Missouri is so green.  The grass is so tall.  There are so many trees!  Also, Missouri loves fireworks.

Mile 3418.  The Candy Store would like us to stop at "The World's Largest Gift Store".  We would not. 

Mile 3463.  Bayboh awake.  Decent nap, there.

Mile 3498.  Still green.  Still trees.  A lot cooler, though.  Bet it's still humid.

Mile 3561. Time for Raffi

Mile 3566. I see a sign for Seamless Sweaters... er... no, wait... Gutters... ;)

Mile 3622.  Made it.  Bayboh is happily toddling around and around.  Loves the cat.  Shmoogie and Mr. P enjoying a few games of chess under the tutelage of their uncle.