Bayboh gets very talkative at bedtime tonight.  

“For Christmas I’m going to ask for a talking robot.  The robot will be for me.  And me and the robot will be great friends.  I’m going to ask Santa to bring a robot for everybody, for you and Daddy, too.  And it can do things for you guys like fold the laundry.”

“Oh?  Wow!  Folding laundry is actually very hard for a robot to do.”

Bayboh is perplexed, “Why?”

“Well, because it’s just a hard thing for a robot to figure out.”

“Well, Nanny will show the robot so he will learn.  But we need to have stuff to build the robot first.  The robot needs to know how to fold laundry first.”  

“Before we build it?  It has to know how to fold the laundry before we build it?”


“But then how can it learn?”

“Nanny will have to show the robot how to fold the laundry and on days when Nanny isn’t here then you and daddy can show the robot how to fold the laundry. Aw!  Now we just need it to be Christmas but that’s so long!”