You’ve come a long ways since the day you were born and I hope there’s a long and splendid way left for you to go.  I see you studying the world, trying to figure out How things work and how you’re going to fit in it and I’m afraid to say anything, since whatever I’m thinking will be at least half wrong and whatever I say will be wronger still, cast with too much pessimism hoping to guard you or too much optimism hoping to encourage you.

You are good at many things these days.  Making friends and making rubber band bracelets and making worlds in Minecraft and making a ruckus when you feel aggrieved.  Making art and making your room a mess and making it cleanish again and making your brothers furious.

You say and do the most amazing things, in the humble opinion of your own mother.  May you always light up whatever corner of the world you’re in and always know that we love you.