Marshmallow Mittens

From January 1st.

The sump pump discharge has made a thick and wavy pan of ice across the back yard, school starts tomorrow, and Bayboh has no wool mittens. I might be able to knit a pair that small in one day, but there are a lot of other things to pack into today and a partially cut up felted cashmere sweater that’s been hanging around my fabric stash for years, so having a go at sewn mittens is a perfect New Year’s project.


I took queues from this lovely little tutorial but made my own pattern based on a hand tracing for size.  And I didn’t line them because who wants to be protected from cashmere?

Bayboh says, “Ooh!  Are they a-durable?  Can I name them?  I will name them... Fluffy!”


Epilogue:  After one ten minute walk outside, his hands were cold (cashmere being cuddly, but thin).  So these mittens got some boiled wool (been hanging on to that for a while!) outer mitts and that got us through a week of extremely (for us) cold bike rides to school to drop off Shmoogie.  For snow, they all wanted modern mittens with the synthetic outers and stuffing because they didn't like how the snow stuck to wool.  But I wore three layers of wool mittens for a windy sledding expedition and my hands were comfortable.  Especially in weather this cold, the snow doesn't melt enough to soak through that much wool.  And wool, as Eagle Scouts will tell you and sheep probably would if they could, will keep you warm even when wet.